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    Could Focusing on Dental Health Help with Childhood Obesity?

    Childhood obesity has been a widely recognized problem for years, but despite many initiatives aimed at getting this dangerous issue under control, it continues to affect an alarming number of children around the world.

    But a thesis by a graduate student in Sweden recently shed light on a new idea that could help with childhood obesity in ways that other efforts have failed to do.


    More Kids Means More Tooth Loss, Says New Study

    There’s an old wives’ tale that goes something like “gain a child, lose a tooth,” and it turns out that it just might be true. A new study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health reports that having more children can be linked to an increase in tooth loss for mothers. Using data from the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe, also known as SHARE, the research team looked at health information for more than 120,000 adults that included their full reproductive history along with data on the number of teeth they had.


    Can These Old Wives’ Tales Put an End to Snoring?

    Desperate times call for desperate measures – at least, that seems to be the case with these old wives’ tales about snoring. It’s hard to believe that throughout history, people have resorted to such unusual lengths just to help a spouse or partner stop snoring and get a restful night’s sleep! Read on to learn more about these extreme measures and why they may or may not be worth trying.


    Just How Scary Are Root Canals?

    If the words “root canal” send shivers down your spine, you’ll be happy to know you really have nothing to fear. In the past 10 years, dental technology has evolved so much that root canals are nothing like they were in the past. All the horror stories your grandparents may have told you simply don’t apply anymore, thanks to medical advances in tools, technology and procedures.


    Foods That Help Whiten Teeth Naturally

    We always hear about the foods and drinks that are bad for teeth or cause staining, such as your morning coffee or soda habit. But what about foods that help whiten teeth? Is that even possible? Surprisingly, many popular foods help improve oral health in addition to helping remove stains gently over time, making teeth whiter and stronger.


    Why Does Dry Mouth Matter?

    Everyone experiences it from time to time: the feeling of a dry mouth. Sometimes it’s caused by something simple like sleeping with your mouth open, and a glass of water is all you need to restore balance. For some people, certain medications can cause dry mouth that can’t be reversed without switching prescriptions.

    Regardless of what causes your dry mouth, the bottom line is that it’s more than just annoying, it’s actually really harmful for your teeth, and over time it could even lead to conditions that cause tooth loss.


    Sedation Dentistry Helps Calm Patients’ Anxiety

    One of the most commonly dramatized fears portrayed in sitcoms and movies is the fear of the dentist. While most people don’t suffer from the paralyzing fear played up by actors on television and the big screen, many of us do suffer from anxiety ranging from mild to severe when it comes to having our teeth cleaned, examined and potentially worked on. Sedation dentistry offers new hope for those whose anxiety is actually getting in the way of receiving the oral health care they need.


    4 Ways to Get Kids Excited About Their Trip to the Dentist

    There are few things most adults dread more than a trip to the dentist. If you ask, many of those with anxiety about dental visits can trace it back to childhood. In some cases, a specific bad experience may have led to negative associations with the the dentist, and in other cases, there’s no clear cause, just a general sense of unease from an early age.

    What if we could completely change the way our kids experience going to the dentist so that when they become adults, they don’t have the fear and anxiety that many of today’s adults suffer from? The good news is, we can! Here are just a few ways to help get kids excited about their dental appointments and begin a positive association with the dentist from an early age.