Spring Cleaning for Oral Health

With spring almost here and warmer weather on its way, now is the perfect time for a spring cleaning – of your mouth! It may not seem obvious, but changing up your oral health care routine each season is a must to maintain a healthy smile. Here are some things you can do to amp up your oral health this spring.

Clear It Out

Dr. Lesko recommends you replace manual toothbrushes or electric brush heads every two to three months, and the turning of a new season is the perfect time to do so. As we use our toothbrush, the bristles begin to bend and become less effective at getting the plaque and bacteria that accumulate on our teeth during the day. Worse yet, that bacteria can build up in our toothbrushes over time. Replacing your brush with a new, clean, straight-bristled brush is a great way to help spring clean your mouth!

See What’s New

You may be 100 percent satisfied with your oral care tool kit, but there are new products being introduced to the oral health market constantly. Why not ramp up your oral care routine by swapping to a fresh new toothpaste flavor, or how about trying a flavored dental floss? You can even try changing to a different brand of toothbrush or upgrading to an electric brush.

Get Glowing

Worn out from the doldrums of winter? Why not do a little something for yourself and schedule a professional whitening that would make the snow jealous. Get a gleaming smile in time for spring, and reward yourself for making it through those cold, gloomy winter months.

Check Your Insurance

The start of a relatively new year means more oral health benefits for those who are fortunate enough to have dental coverage. If your policy allows for orthodontics and you’ve been considering getting braces, speak to Dr. Lesko about your options.

Schedule an Exam

Another great benefit of a new year is your insurance allowing one or two new oral health checkups. Is it time for a cleaning and exam? When was the last time you had X-rays? Do you have any persistent tooth pain, bleeding gums or inflammation? Now is the time to get it checked out. After all, the sooner you address oral pain and discomfort, the sooner you can start feeling your best.

Schedule Procedures

Spring is also a good time to schedule any dental procedures you’ve been putting off. After all, who wants to be sidelined in the summer when you can take care of it now? Fill cavities, get that crown, have that root canal and clear your schedule for that deep gum cleaning – you’ll look and especially feel a lot better.

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