Can These Old Wives’ Tales Put an End to Snoring?

Desperate times call for desperate measures – at least, that seems to be the case with these old wives’ tales about snoring. It’s hard to believe that throughout history, people have resorted to such unusual lengths just to help a spouse or partner stop snoring and get a restful night’s sleep! Read on to learn more about these extreme measures and why they may or may not be worth trying.

1. Sewing a Tennis Ball to the Snorer’s PJs

Some people resort to desperate measures to keep the snorer from sleeping on his or her back, believing this will keep the snoring to a minimum. By sewing a tennis ball to the back of their pajamas, anytime the snorer tries to roll on their back, they will feel the tennis ball and roll over to the side or stomach, in theory helping prevent snoring.

2. Gargling with Garlic

If part of your quest to end snoring includes fighting off vampires as well, this remedy is just the thing. This old wives’ tale says to boil crushed garlic and then let it cool down before gargling the liquid substance. If it doesn’t help with snoring it will certainly take morning breath to the next level.

3. Sucking on a Pacifier

Finally, a valid reason to resort back to our childhood! Could sucking on a pacifier really help with snoring? The idea behind this wives’ tale is that holding the pacifier in your mouth keeps your tongue in the correct position throughout the night and keeps it from collapsing and blocking your airway.

4. Learn to Play the Didgeridoo

Learning to play a wind instrument or to sing is one thing that’s been recommended to snorers for decades. The theory is that certain exercises used in singing and playing wind instruments help strengthen throat muscles, which in turn could reduce snoring.

5. Duct Tape

One of the more barbaric but simple wives’ tales to stop snoring is using duct tape to hold the snorer’s mouth closed throughout the night. This just seems like a terrible idea and extremely painful when it comes time to remove the tape in the morning. However, a modern twist on this wives’ tale is a chin strap that can help keep the mouth closed in a safer, more humane way.

All of these wives’ tales may work for some and not for others, but at the end of the day, getting to the root cause of the snoring is the only way to stop it permanently. For most people the root cause is obstructive sleep apnea.

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