Whiter Teeth with GLO Technology

When you meet someone new, what’s the first thing you do? For most people, that would be smile and introduce yourself. If you aren’t confident in your smile, meeting new people can cause feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. Everyone talks about the importance of first impressions, and when your smile is the first thing people see, it’s important to feel confident and secure in it.

A study conducted by Kelton Research, in which participants underwent mock job interviews before and after whitening their teeth, showed that 58 percent of participants were more likely to be hired after their teeth had been whitened than before. In addition, post teeth whitening, 53 percent of them would have received a larger salary offer. When it comes to dating and romance, 54 percent of the participants had a greater chance of continued interaction with their date after their teeth had been whitened.

For many patients, years of drinking coffee or eating tooth-staining foods can cause problems. But, a simple, quick, in-office teeth-whitening procedure can fix that.

Dr. Lesko uses the GLO system. GLO is the only teeth-whitening system that uses warming heat and light technology to get you incredible results and speed up the time it takes to get those results. It only takes 32 minutes for a GLO professional whitening treatment that uses patented Guided Light Optics (or GLO) combined with heat-plus-light technology in a closed-system mouthpiece, which keeps whitening oxygen from escaping.

When it comes to results, the numbers speak for themselves. In research trials, 100 percent of participants saw immediate results of whiter teeth. All participants also reported that GLO was easy to use, and none reported any pain or sensitivity after using this whitening system. In clinical studies, patients who underwent professional GLO whitening treatments reported their teeth were an average of five shades whiter.

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